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How to determine the best odds in cricket betting online

cricket betting online

Cricket betting online and types of odds

What to know before practicing cricket betting online?

Many people think cricket betting online consists in gambling on your favorite teams. That could sound so exciting, but the truth is, if there is money on the table, you must stake according to proven strategies to avoid wasting money and time when cricket betting online.

Even it is not possible to make exact predictions about every scheduled sport event, there are several cricket betting online websites that allow you to make your own predictions on sports of all kinds, within these sections where they focus on a single event, for example a cricket or football game.

The operation of these bets is very simple, you can only choose one selection per market, although sometimes you can find mixed markets with two options together, for example, betting on the win or draw of a team.

The procedure is as simple as clicking on the odds, and it will be automatically added to your betting ticket, from which you can enter an amount of money and see the potential winnings.

The origin of cricket betting online became popular thanks to the great love for horse racing, since then they have been adding all kinds of sports until it is rare to see a sporting event in which you cannot bet online.

Moreover, it is very important to consider that you must manage your bankroll wisely, being very meticulous when betting, but as in casinos, systems are usually ways to risk much more than necessary. There is no such thing as a 100% error-free method, there is no perfect bet, even the greatest team in the world can have a bad day and lose to a team of a much lower level.

What to know before cricket betting online?

  2. That's why is important to follow some cricket betting tips that we will share with you now:
  4. Choose a reputable website: There are an infinite number of online cricket betting online sites, but not all of them are trustworthy, you can compare these pages and consult reliable listings of licensed bookmakers to be on the safe side.
  6. Find out how odds work: The odds determine the amount by which you will get benefits in case of getting your prediction right, there are many easy examples to apply, such as a 1.5 odds, on which betting 10 units, if we win we would get our 10 units back and 5 units of profit by the multiplier.
  8. About security at sports bookmakers: Normally the larger betting operators provide us with greater guarantees and security when depositing our money and our confidence, and to manage that money and receive our winnings in case we are lucky in our bet.

Now, let’s find out what types of odds are the most used in cricket betting online!

  2. Fractional: Used mainly in European countries, fractional odds indicate the potential profit in case the bet is successful, relative to the stake. For example, if 5 units are wagered at odds of 2/1, the potential profit is 10 units (5 units * 2) and the total return is 15 units (10 units plus the 5 units wagered).
  4. Decimals: Decimal odds indicate the potential profit in case the bet is successful, relative to the stake. For example, if 5 units are wagered at an odds of 3, the total returned is 15 units (5 * 3) and the potential profit is 10 units (5 * 3 minus the 5 units wagered).
  6. Odds with positive figures: The odds indicate the return on a 100-unit bet, for example, an American odds of 110 would earn 110 units on a 100-unit bet.
  8. Odds with negative numbers: The odds indicate how much you have to bet to win 100 units, e.g. an American odds of -120 would win 100 units on a bet of 120 units.

How do cricket betting online determine the odds?

In many cases the odds are set by experts in betting and statistics, although in other cases they are algorithms that work by receiving historical data and conditions. There are also operators who wait for other betting sites to show their odds and then set their own odds.

Odds may vary during the run-up to the sporting event and during the event itself, since they work in relation to the customers' bets and very complex mathematical calculations to ensure the bookmaker's profits, whatever the final outcome of the event.

It is crucial to know how the odds work to know how to bet in online bookmakers, since potential profits depend on it. Furthermore, do not forget that you must be responsible all time when gambling. Take advantage of the good odds, but care about responsibility.

Deposit limits when cricket betting online

You need to know the limit of the amount you spend before you bet, so you can set your deposit limit for a day, a week or for 30 days, if you take this step, the operator should see to it that you can't deposit a penny more. You know your limits better than anyone else, bet responsibly.

Cooling-off periods or self-exclusion

By making use of this tool you can allow yourself to take a break from the action. You can take a break from one day to one month. Just enough time to cool down. And calm, quiet and tranquility is the best way to be.

How to do online cricket betting?

Before you make any forecasts, it is important to familiarize yourself with the bookmaker you have chosen, to make sure you get used to its unique design and signage.

As with the neighborhood betting parlors, you can place bets on all sports with very few exceptions, often there are also bets known as specials, such as on political elections, Oscar winners, and a variety of events not directly related to sports.

Normally if the operator is large, you will find that you can place a multitude of bets, combining several events, in a simple way, every time you want to add a selection to your virtual betting selection, click on the odds adjacent to that selection and you will see it appear on your current betting slip.

If you wish to place a single bet, a straight bet on a single target, simply enter your bet in the box, usually next to it, you will see the amount you would be entitled to if you win the bet (subject to any deductions or conditions).

Once you have entered your bet and wish to place it, click on the "Place Bet" button to do so, in the event that you do not have sufficient funds in your account, you will be asked if you wish to deposit and proceed to place the bet.

You may also be limited when betting live, and for example in some countries, you will not be able to bet on a live match or event if at the time the event starts you do not have the amount you wish to bet.

For example, if you have two units in your account, a match starts and you want to bet four units live, then you have to make a deposit, but you will only be able to bet with the amount you had once the selected event starts, the two units.

Cash out or collect bets before finishing

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest innovations in the online betting industry in the last decade has been the "Cash Out", also known as Cash Out, which allows you to settle a bet before time and accept whatever you are offered for it at that instant.

Let's say you have a combined bet on soccer matches and all teams are winning with 10 minutes to go, in this case and depending on the betting site and its terms and conditions, you can choose to accept the offer generated and displayed in the corresponding section, usually in our "My Bets" section.

Always remember that it will be lower than the amount you could win if the results remain as they are, but if you have chosen to cash out, you will no longer be affected by the results, you will be able to secure some profit.

In other words, if only four of those teams end up winning, but you have already accepted the Cash Out offer, you can make a profit on what would have been a losing bet. Cash Out is not a guaranteed service, and only applies to certain markets at certain times, depending on the betting operator you have selected.

Cash Out


At any time you can withdraw all or part of the balance of your account, to do this you must do it through your account and click on manage payment methods, you will find the option to deposit, and withdraw, and this is also where you can add or remove bank cards when you need it. The time it takes to receive our money from the betting sites can vary a lot, especially depending on the country from which we want to bet.

On the other hand, you must try online cricket streaming if you want to be aware about the newest of cricket in India and sharpen your cricket betting online abilities.

Cricket betting online at Fun88

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