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The seven tips for your combined bet at cricket betting

Cricket betting: seven recommendations for combined stakes


How do they work at cricket betting?

We already know that you are a crack and that there is no championship you cannot win, but you have to think that not everything is perfect when you are practicing cricket betting.

There are more surprises than you think, and the more fun88 games you add to your pool, the more chances you have to find one of them. On the other hand, we are not going to fool ourselves, the objective of making a combined bet is to get more benefits playing less money, so we will have to look for the middle ground.

Most of the cricket betting websites allow us to make combinations of up to 12 results, but the probability of being right is minimal, so let's try to show our expertise with 4 or 5 games. This will provide us with remarkable odds with an acceptable level of risk.

  2. 1.Number 5 is good for a pool: 5 is a good number for a combined. It gives us good odds and it is not an excessive number of events.
  4. 2. Odds are key: As we keep adding games to our combined, we see how the odds increase exponentially and, of course, we get greedy. We fun88 want more, more and more!
  6. 3. The higher the odds, the higher the risk: It's one thing if you want to get rich in cricket betting and show everyone how much you know about the sport, but don't try to achieve success quickly, because your adventure will usually end in failure.
  8. Too high odds are often synonymous with defeat. It is also important not to try to increase your winnings by gambling more money than is advisable. Gambling a considerable sum in a combined bet is a risk that may not be good to take. Think that you are already tempting fate by trusting that all your choices are correct. Is it worth increasing the risk?
  10. 4. Don't bet on just one competition: Don't focus on a single tournament because your chances of losing will multiply. This advice is not valid if you are one of those who have won the betting pool several times. In that case, go ahead, focus on one league, and continue to succeed. However, it is practically impossible to get all the matches of the same competition right.
  12. So, what's the solution? Diversify. Take a sweep through the different tournaments. If we are talking about Football, look in First Division, Second Division or foreign leagues.
  14. If you think about it, you control more tournaments than you think, and you will surely find several interesting matches to set up your combined without the need to push your knowledge and your fortune-telling skills to the limit. Don't focus on a single tournament. Search in different championships. You will multiply your chances of finding your perfect combination.
  16. 5. Be well informed before cricket betting: Before placing your combined bet for today, it is very important to be well informed. Even the most reliable teams go through bad times, and even the strongest teams have opponents or stadiums that resist them despite being inferior on paper.
  18. Sideliners, rotations and more; we must be attentive to the details in order to be able to make the right predictions in our combined betting.
  20. Consider every parameter before including a match in your combined bet: Bayern have almost won the league, play away and on Wednesday they have the quarterfinals? Maybe it is not a good idea to include it in our combined bet.
  22. 6. Diversify markets: Variety is the spice of life. Being able to choose between almost 100 markets in most of the major events (result, intervals, handicap ...) why not take advantage of it in our favor? Some matches are complicated when it comes to making combined cricket betting predictions.
  24. So, you have to look for the advantage, and taking some time to choose the right markets can be the difference between success and failure when placing your combined bet. Diversifying markets will increase your chances
  26. 7. Leave a predictable forecast for the end: Sometimes, less is more. Imagine that the combined is going well. You have all the predictions of combined bets correct and you only have one game left to make a full house.
  28. At this point you have to decide if going all the way with your intuition or sacrificing part of your possible winnings to minimize damage in case the bet falls through at the last moment. Counter cricket betting' can be the key to minimizing losses or securing winnings in a combination bet.
  30. That is why we advise you to choose an easy match to win as the last one. This way we will be able to counter bet at a high odd without investing a significant amount. Do you want to continue learning how to bet? Then you should not miss the 12 must-have cricket betting tips to become the king of cricket betting.

About cash out

It is clear that safe combined bets do not exist, but there is a formula that is becoming increasingly successful among our users. It consists in being able to close the bet before the end of the sporting event. We call it Cash Out or early payout. Undoubtedly, a way that my me years ago would have been able to achieve the combined bet of 12 events.

Obviously, this option has a double strategy in favor of the user: to avoid losses if we see that the final bet is losing and to recover part of the bet, or, on the other hand, to achieve less profit from a bet that has options to be a winner but we do not want to risk losing our combined bets.

Guidelines to follow to bet well

Although nothing guarantees success in gambling, both cricket betting and other forms of betting have a series of rules that can be considered "golden" because they are essential when betting on an event.

These guidelines do not ensure positive results by any means, but they can increase the chances in certain cases. Thus, we will review one by one the five main rules that, in our opinion, must always be followed in order to place a bet responsibly and, fundamentally, without giving an advantage to the bookmaker in question.

  • 1) Information and statistics. Take advantage of the facilities provided by the Internet today and collect as much data as possible about the protagonists of the event you want to bet on. Previous results in the current competition, streaks, historical antecedents between one and the other, home and away performances, injuries and suspensions. Everything adds up and increases the odds of winning.
  • 2) Nothing is impossible. Know that, in this world, logic and security do not exist. The bettor must be prepared for defeat, even when previously everything seems to indicate that there is no way to take the victory away from the favorite. The initially improbable can be consummated and there are plenty of examples to prove it.
  • 3) Study the odds. Scour the market and analyze the payouts offered by each house for the option you plan to choose. If the fee is too low, something is not right. Examine enough to find the ideal balance between the risk you run and the profit you will obtain in case of success.
  • 4) Order, regulation and prudence. Set a maximum budget for each bet and respect it to the letter. Set yourself the objective to succeed in the long term. Assimilate losses and do not try to recover the money quickly. Patience is key.
  • 5) Discipline. Establish several rules that will allow you to keep calm in adverse moments and not to be emboldened in the face of a positive streak. Set goals and stick to them.

Live betting
It is a method used by more and more people to get important sums of money. You just have to know how to choose well which game to bet on, and if you make a live bet, know the right time to place the bet.

Normally the best way to make money in an abundant and simple way, is to combine many games with easy odds, and place a bet a little more complicated, which makes the total odds soar. And generally, bet on home games.

The best and easiest of all is to bet on the number of total goals, the number of corners or even the number of yellow or red cards. You can also make a bet on the result at halftime or a double chance, which would be what is considered in the pools, the double. You would have to be very unlucky for this type of bet not to come out.

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