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World Cup 2022 predictions

World Cup 2022


How to predict the winners for the World Cup 2022?

Qualification for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar takes place from March 24 to November 16, 2021 in the UEFA zone. In total, 55 teams fight for months to qualify for the most prestigious soccer competitions.

Within the European zone, which will be the focus of this page, 10 groups of 5 or 6 nations are formed. At the end of the campaign, the winners of each group qualify for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, while the best runners-up compete in the play-offs.

So, you understand, while waiting for our World Cup prediction on the final winner in Qatar, there are still many tempting matches to bet on. Don't miss the opportunity, the online bookmakers are waiting for you. The World Cup 2022, too.

Expert tips for FIFA World Cup 2022 qualification predictions

The first thing you should know about these World Cup qualifiers is that they often generate a lot of goals. During the qualifiers for the last World Cup in Russia, the average goals per game was 2.94 in the European (or UEFA) zone.

An average that could continue to rise during these new qualifications. For your predictions on these qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, therefore, favor the "Over 2.5 goals" at bookmakers, often accompanied by good odds (around 1.80). This type of bet was validated in almost 55% of cases during previous qualifiers.

Next, we advise you to avoid betting on the "Both teams will score" bet in these Qatar World Cup qualifiers. While the odds can often be interesting, the fun88 bet only passed in 38% of matches in the previous edition.

After all, a rather low number. Very often, the leaders leave nothing to chance in these qualifying phases. The presence at the FIFA World Cup is too important.

Finally, the percentage of home wins. In the last FIFA World Cup qualifiers, home teams won 47% of their matches.

To fill the gap, 17% of matches ended in a draw, then 36% in an away win. When in doubt during these European Zone qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it is best to favor and give the win to the home team. Odds can sometimes be interesting in big matches.

Having seen the interesting figures for your sports betting, let's now discuss the parameters to consider before setting your predictions on the fun88 qualifiers for the World Cup 2022.

To begin with, it will be necessary to review the formations of the teams and pay special attention to the physical condition of the teams.

For example, if Italy has not won in five games and Bosnia stands with six consecutive wins, you may need to reconsider your bet and bet on an outcome in favor of Bosnia.

Also, along the same lines, form and the presence/absence of an important player will be determinant for some bets. And especially for smaller teams.

If an important player is injured or suspended, it may not be necessary to bet on that team. This may be a little less true for nations with a large group such as England, Germany or France, but it will make a difference when making a prediction against a "smaller" team.

Then, attention will also need to be paid to the ranking and the actual motivation of players and nations to win a match. If a team is already assured of finishing first or last in a group, it may be necessary to bet on the opposing team, possibly more motivated and involved in a determinate game.

Finally, the last point is extremely important and applies even to all competitions and all sports: analyze the different odds present in all bookmakers in the market. There are about 20 of them in Spain, and the odds can vary a lot between the different sports betting sites.

By comparing all the bookmakers and betting with the one that offers the best odds for your bet, you will significantly increase your winnings in the long run. It may seem like a small loss at the time, but believe our experts, it will affect your winnings.

Given that 10 days are scheduled during these 2022 World Cup qualifiers, you will quickly understand the additional sums you can earn by betting on the higher odds.

In addition to having the possibility to bet on each match, you can also bet on the final standings of each group in the qualifying rounds for the 2022 World Cup. The first and therefore the qualifier, bookmakers also offer to bet on the final standings of the 10 qualifying groups.

If you are tempted to bet on the long term, betting on the rankings of each group could be a very interesting venture for you and could allow you to make more profit in the long run.

To bet on these final rankings, there are different points to consider. It will be necessary to analyze the physical condition of the main players. For example, Germany has not been the same since 2014, and some of its main figures are no longer selected.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and see if the squad is still qualitative, at least enough to finish first in the group the national team is in.

In addition, it will still be necessary to evaluate the last qualifications and the last runs of the nations during the previous competitions. Although there are surprises, it is often the big nations that finish at the top of their qualifying group.

Often the big nations are at the top of their group in these World Cup qualifying rounds, especially the European teams.

There are some very good goal scorers in Europe. In the 2018 qualifiers, it was Robert Lewandowski who finished as top scorer with 16 goals in 10 games.

He was closely followed by Cristiano Ronaldo, then scorer of 15 goals in 9 games. The other two players who surpassed 10 goals were Lukaku and Eriksen with 11 goals each.

So, for these new ratings, predicting the top scorer can be reliable, as the men in question are still in great form. You could thank them in a few weeks.

Therefore, we must count again on Poland's Lewandowski, but also Cristiano Ronaldo or Romelu Lukaku. Ciro Immobile with Italy, Mbappé, Harry Kane, Timo Werner and Norwegian prodigy Haaland will also follow.

World Cup 2022 Qualifying Predictions

As for the top of each group and after careful analysis, there should be no major surprises in these qualifiers.

The groups of the "favorites" are quite predictable, especially for France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Italy. Spain, Croatia and the Netherlands have slightly more homogeneous groups, but should not experience any difficulties in qualifying. The biggest nations should see eye-to-eye in Qatar 2022.

Bookmakers open their bets for the World Cup

Each soccer world championship becomes a global phenomenon. With the World Cup in Russia just concluded, bookmakers have already opened their betting odds for the 2022 World Cup. The ranking of favorites is led by Brazil, followed by Germany, Spain and France.

Qatar, the host nation, is the only team with a guaranteed place in the finals due to its status as the host country. The remaining teams will have to qualify through the various continental qualifying rounds.

FUN88 will follow the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, with predictions for the most important matches and access to the most reliable bookmakers operating in our country. In fact, our website offers you the advantage of choosing from numerous operators, so you will be able to select the bookmakers that offer the most attractive promotions and that best suit your needs.

Due to the huge competition in the online market, the bookmakers have advantageous welcome plans for new users, as well as improved odds and other offers for already registered users.

Multiple betting options on the next World Cup Qatar 2022

The World Cup is the greatest sporting spectacle in the world. Every four years the ball starts rolling and the planet comes to a standstill to watch the best teams in the world face each other in thrilling matches full of excitement.

Soccer has gone from being a mere sport to become a great spectacle with millions of followers, millionaire contracts, advertising, merchandising, constant presence in the media and multiple possibilities for betting.

Soccer has all the ingredients to be a mass spectacle, and the top event of the king of sports is, without a doubt, the World Cup.

It is estimated that the final of the last World Cup in Russia reached one billion viewers, astronomical figures that surpass other major events such as the Super Bowl or the opening ceremony of the olympic games.

The next World Cup finals will be held in Qatar, and for the first time in autumn, from November 21 to December 18.

There are many ways to bet on the different servers we provide. While many users are inclined to bet on the more classic markets, such as predicting the winning team or the number of goals, others bet on the more complex markets, such as the number of corners, free kicks, etc.

Moreover, there are many users who opt for the combined bets, which significantly increase profits. Are you a risky or conservative bettor? It does not matter too much, what is required is to be informed before the matches. Furthermore, you can do Ipl betting, Cricket betting and onlinecricketbetting on Fun88. So, do not miss the best of onlinecricketbetting and World Cup.

So, get ready for the most expected World Cup ever seen!

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